Understanding The Laws Of The Realms

Norman Morea Trent Sabadi

The Laws of Truth and God


Book Description

This Book, “Understanding the Laws of the Realms” brings to light the Truth at its very best, challenging the weakness and error of man and laying the foundations understanding that there are many laws that govern life and everything that makes our world both spiritual and physical, whether it be past, present or future. This thought provoking book aims to redefine and reconstruct the way mankind has thought about life and the realities of a spiritual realm and the God who created all things, owns all things and sustains their very existence by the laws He established. The Author uncovers man’s purpose to be a discoverer of His purpose and to execute this perfect purpose by the Truth of God. The Book also uncovers the force of evil; its true identity and purpose seeking also to discover what laws the devil operates by.

About Author

Norman Morea Trent Sabadi was born in 1983, in Port Moresby, the Capital City of Papua New Guinea. When he was only 12 year old he had his first encounter with the LORD GOD in 1995 that changed his life forever. Since then , his purpose has not only been to follow after Jesus Christ as a believer in Him but Read more »