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Norman M.T SabadiNorman Morea Trent Sabadi was born in 1983, in Port Moresby, the Capital City of Papua New Guinea. When he was only 12 year old he had his first encounter with the LORD GOD in 1995 that changed his life forever. Since then , his purpose has not only been to follow after Jesus Christ as a believer in Him but to discover the knowledge of His GLORY. Norman has served in wide areas of the Christian Ministry both in Papua New Guinea and Australia and is looking to carry on the LORD’s work as a Revivalist; reaching out to mankind with the Truth of God and Life in Christ Jesus. Norman presents a positive picture that many can relate to, and one in which he finds his inspiration to help others making God the focal point of everything. God has been the sole centre of his life and journey; as a Mentor and Father, allowing for many lessons to be learnt some of which are uncovered in the knowledge found in this book, “Understanding The Laws Of The Realms.”


Understanding The Laws Of The Realms Copyright © 2013 by Norman Sabadi. All Rights Reserved.


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