And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: 30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart (spirit), and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. 31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.  (Mark 12:29)


With all that said I make my stance clear that I don’t have all the answers but I know that the answer of Christ and God exists for us to discover. Come to think of it man credits man and appoints him into the office of a scientist in the hope that the discoveries an individual scientist finds gives him credibility about his work and help bring humanity one step forward in the pursuit of knowledge; but really that is a narrow view of the role of man; we are all discoverers in our own rights, mainly discoverers of our own destiny, the only difference is how much one has discovered. And Jesus is not only the greatest discoverer of the evidence of God, He is the way, truth and life to this existence; in other words Jesus presented us with a foolproof, factual evidence of the supernatural God. All we need now is to be true discoverers and seekers of this truth in Him in order to understand the depths of the supernatural mysteries of God. If you ask me, we are still in the infant stages of discovering a world beyond our world, whose knowledge is so unique even our limited minds cannot comprehend it.

To me science is the discovery of the wisdom or principles that created the heavens and the earth, and that these principles or laws that exist to govern and sustain the balance of life. If we as natural man discover the principles, laws, or wisdom of the natural world, both the celestial and terrestrial, then we can as spiritual man, discover the principles or laws of the supernatural that was used to design and create the natural realm that we live in. What drives a man within and where does he get his ability to think the way he thinks and act the way he acts? Why does this process occur in such a manner inside the mind of every human being? But before you answer these questions you must understand that man is really a combination of three types of studies of knowledge: medical, psychological and supernatural studies and every other form of study falls under these three categories. The fundamental basis of these categories is that all three are linked into one, working side by side fulfilling their own laws, yet are forever connected, one to another. So to answer the above questions from one perspective is only one third of the truth. The Bible describes these arenas of study using different terminology: BODY (physical or medical), SOUL (psychological), and SPIRIT (supernatural).

Moreover, if we perceive knowledge in its neutral state with analytical yet neutral minds, we will understand that all three realms or arenas of study are hinged firstly on the supernatural, followed by the psychological, then the physical and always in that order. So we can grow in our knowledge of God not only from a spiritual perspective, but in reasoning (the soul) and by physical relation (i.e. our physical need).

Another discovery of this view is that the psychological realm is the middleman that can seek after the things in the supernatural realm. And it can also operate toward the natural realm. The psychological field is the key connector to both the spirit and natural realms and can simultaneously function in both realms. So the soul-side of you can choose to focus on only the natural and still be able to interact with the supernatural subconsciously. This concept is not an issue of permission but of understanding, that is to say, “You want nothing to do with God and the Bible” but that, if one realm is in operation, the other two will also interact with it to complete the process of that operation and keep the balance of the laws that govern the natures of the spiritual and natural. This is not a theory but the truth; and even after factual evidence is challenged to stand up against the scrutiny of man to defend its own right to be true, it will still come out in the end as the winner because the Truth can defend itself hands down against any opponent.

Not all scientists are proven scientists and not all of them are reliable. But there are those like Albert Einstein, who have established themselves worthy of the title, who have achieved something for humanity. The same is with those who profess themselves to be Christians. Many may confess to be Christians but who is a true Christian, seeking to discover the truths that are hidden in the Christ who calls us to Himself. The Mystery of Christ and His Glory should draw us to search him and like any other scientific knowledge, cause us to adjust to the discoveries of new knowledge we find in Him. Shouldn’t knowledge benefit man? If so, how much more is supernatural knowledge that could fast-track us into advance knowledge which we struggle to acquire by our own means. But still a better way is presented to us to seek and find it in God. Let’s look at one example: The discovery of light and electricity has changed history and the lives of man forever in that we know this technology exists and we use it in our everyday lives. If that is so, what about the discovery of God? Just as we continue to discover more new ways to achieve something how much more the discovery of new knowledge hidden in God? If one definition of science is the pursuit of new knowledge, then the pursuit of God should be included in this definition.

If God is the default configuration at the end of man’s life then He should be the ultimate pursuit for those who genuinely seek knowledge not from a prejudiced perception but from pure discoverer’s standpoint. If true science is indisputable then its pursuit of knowledge is equally unquestionable. Even science doesn’t get it right the first time because it is dynamic in its nature; still discovering new grounds. The same is with faith and Christianity; as we continue to seek God, growing from knowledge to knowledge; strength to strength and glory to glory in our advances through the substance and equipment of faith and truth. The problem is not with the vast knowledge that exists in its pure state, but the error is man’s, who in his deficiency is still learning toward perfection. The great deception that attacks the supernatural, psychological and physical realms daily, affects humanity in a very big way; if this is true then it is too serious to ignore. If such things as angels and demons spoken of by the Bible do exists and have been in encountered by man, then we should not deny their existence. Just because we can’t see them all the time doesn’t mean they are not there. Just because man doesn’t have the ability to fly didn’t mean man could not fly; all he needed was to figure out how to fly by understanding other fundamental truths on the map, like air, including the properties of drag, lift and thrust. We must understand spiritual properties in order to interact with laws of the supernatural. If the supernatural power to heal exists in God, then we must try to discover what spiritual principles are involved in operating in this arena and what psychological and physical principles are required to participate in the supernatural dimension. Man is only limited by his imagination. The Bible sums it up in these words, “faith without action is dead”. If you look at this statement real carefully, you’ll notice this; faith (or supernatural perception) without psychological and physical action is dead (ineffective and has no purpose to be discovered). Why? In retrospect, remembering the connection each realm has to each other, we cannot deny the factual evidence that the supernatural realm can never fully release its potential unless we first understand the laws that operate with it.

Therefore, Christians should not despise knowledge but pursue it, without compromising their knowledge of the principles laid in the truth of Christ that they have discovered. Similarly, the atheist or sceptic should neither despise knowledge outside of the natural scope but uphold the principles of truth, humility and faith, because without these virtues of godliness the likelihood of World War III looms in the dark future of ignorant sceptics and atheists who refused to pursue knowledge in its entirety, holding onto absolutes without understanding the dynamics of other absolutes, therefore bringing upon themselves a calamity. You can also see this in the Scriptures of the Torah:

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. ” (Hosea 4:6)

From the foregone ideology, I am confident to add that the foundation of knowledge rests upon the laws or principles (wisdom) that exist in the realms of the spirit, soul and body to allow us to effectively function within these laws. The purpose of knowledge is to reveal the evidence of the supernatural, soul and natural, for the preservation and enhancement of mankind.

Now delving a little deeper; If God is the default state and foundation of the beginning, duration and end of life spiritually, psychologically and physically, then He alone should be the centre of supernatural studies; not Budda, nor Hindu nor Muslim nor any other religion. The main point is that if this other spiritual avenues prove that they lead to Heaven, a place of eternal peace for all of us then surely we should follow them, but if they are knowledge disguised by spiritual corruption forged by the devil, then we should stay far from them. Again a half-truth is equal to a lie and so it is really corrupted truth. Genuine science proves facts to settle with the facts. And even then underdeveloped facts (i.e. facts in its infant stage) mean only the starting point of the treasure-map presented and if followed correctly, would allow us to discover all of the other facts that are linked on the map. So based on that understanding we want true supernatural facts from sources whose supernatural data does not contradict the infallible truth in their own writings presented to humanity.

Also, about the entities or persons called the devil and his army of evil spirits and demons what can we say about them? We can look at it this way; in all three arenas of the spirit, soul and body, we identify that there are forces that act against the preservation and advancement of humanity. If mankind is to survive we must seek to find perfection so that we may thrive, but that truth is far from reality simply because man has not come to conclusions with the fact that he cannot solve ALL his problems with war, law and order, international laws, and so on through only a political approach. We’ve tried it all and still we seem to partly solve (by natural means) the problem of terrorism because terrorists don’t care about the preservation of all mankind they would rather destroy those who stand against their ideologies, beliefs and interests. Now going back to the subject of evil forces; if humanity operates all the time both consciously and unintentionally in the three realms of the spirit, soul and body then we can see here also that the entities of evil, without realising it, also operate in these three dimensions serving to fulfil the hunger and pleasure of evil. Technology is good but in the hands of corrupted minds, it becomes a dangerous weapon of destruction. This brings me to say that, “God and the Angels are also an entity of their own.” To say that God is the cause of all calamities, like wars and floods, tornados, tidal waves and pandemic diseases, is a misconception, and such knowledge is far from the truth. You need firstly to understand the LAWS and the ENTITIES functioning behind them which exist in those REALMS before you can pass judgement on who is responsible for what. Also, we draw from the aforementioned that humanity must understand that we are a part of the processes and functions of the laws that abide in all three realms.



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