Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things HOPED FOR (exist in God); it (FAITH) is the EVIDENCE OF THINGS NOT SEEN (in the natural but things SEEN SUPERNATURALLY) (Hebrew 11:1)

Did you know the one who tells a lie or is a talebearer is himself being deceived already? Even the listening ear is being fed mercilessly with the corruption of lies but the worst case yet is when the listening heart believes in the lie. The one who walks in the ways of deception and trickery is already poisoned with the poison of deception; he cannot differentiate facts and understand if even the truth makes sense to him. How can a thief or liar trust you with a secret if they themselves cannot be trusted? Is it even worth listening to that secret and keeping it? Liars are filled with arrogance in disguise; because they despise the truth; that’s why they will feed on the lies of others. Even pride finds its own strength in pride but its foundation lies on the unstableness of deception. Therefore, it is such a sorry case for those who believe in lies and their own pride because they lack the heart to understand truth. How can you burst out in a rage in the attempt to quench someone else’s anger when you yourself need to manage your own anger? When the fires of evil attempt to quench another fire of evil it only makes the fire grow bigger. That’s why evil never triumphs over good; instead it triumphs in confusion over itself. And how worse a state is the one caught up in the middle of these evil fires. The eye of evil has deceived itself and that is why it will never understand truth or righteousness, because the two virtues are but aliens to its own pitiful understanding, for a lack of a better word, because evil can only comprehend evil; vengeance consumes itself and jealousy eats at the heart till there is nothing left of it. You know what is foolish about being conceited? It is trying to lead the way even though you can’t see one but you think you do; because pride is a cloak of darkness over the heart; corrupting the truth and presenting a lie. If you seek to mingle righteousness and truth with pride and greed, your righteousness and truth will be as bitter and corrupted as the greed and pride it was mingled with. If sickness affects only the body but not the soul, then why is the soul so affected by it? Ask yourself, which is in more pain? The soul attached or the body in sickness? Yet the pain of the soul is not the same as the pain of the body and not everyone understands both. If you think you have a sound mind, then why is the truth then made to look like a lie, knowing that truths are based on the facts or evidence presented and the less common; on the perception of man? If faith is a decision made before the research is attempted and the discovery is reached, why deny even the existence of faith. Faith is the facts to our reasoning both consciously and subconsciously; when we choose to trust the car we get into to drive home, when we choose to hold a cup of coffee in our hands, when we trust the water in the shower to clean us, when we trust the food we eat to feed us, when we sleep somewhat knowing we will wake up again. I will go more into this later, but let’s define the wisdom behind the statement of faith; that faith is spiritual or supernatural substance applied by the psychological reasoning processes of the mind to affect the physical realm we live in.



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