And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.  (Jeremiah 29:13)


But if the evidence of God and faith exist in the hearts of man, then the only way to discover God is through appropriate material; God-elements or God- equipment provided to uncover God-truths. If we perceive truth from a neutral standpoint, that is, to seek scientific evidence about God, based on proven facts, then we should seek to study faith as a fact found in the heart of man through the means provided for it. For example, you can’t research deep space with a submarine but with a space shuttle. The search for God requires spiritual equipment to fulfil a spiritual voyage. God is so infinite, we can only judge from the standpoint of an outsider looking into the distance into uncharted waters. Nevertheless, that should not be our conclusion of the facts that are yet to be discovered. You can only make true judgement of the Truth once you have found its treasure and applied its knowledge to your life. The evidence of faith is unseen because science is slow to learn that the only apparatus required to study man is found in the book of faith that created man. All that scientific research equipment does is to prove the existence of man and the substances that cause him to function in the natural realm, but what about the supernatural? No scientific apparatus is able to uncover the supernatural truth until science agrees that this truth has only one means by which it can be discovered, supernatural means, through the device of believing in an unseen God, whose substance is more real than the air that we breathe. Some may think this is conjured only in the thought processes of the mind, DNA and matter, but this is far from the complete truth. Humanity is perhaps only one percent of the way there and thus only percent correct. Howbeit, this discovery is worth more than mind or matter material, it is supernatural in nature, more refined than the discovery of pure gold or diamond. Even quantum physics still only proves its natural existence but cannot yet prove its spiritual existence. Why is this? Because spiritual DNA and matter can only be understood from a spiritual point of view with spiritual equipment. What about near death and out of body experiences? If God, angels, the devil, demons, Heaven and hell is the default state of a fried up, destroyed motherboard of the mind of a clinically dead person, then that means every man has the same kind of motherboard construct. If such a default state has existed throughout the centuries, going all the way back to the time when man first encountered supernatural facts beyond his natural realm, then we should not ignore the facts but closely look at the stories being told of those who went there in that state of mind and find out why they went there. Why was it hell for those who didn’t have Christ and why was it Heaven for those who had Christ? Not even results acquired through hypnosis can fake a belief in Christ, and does not comes close to the truth about the power and existence of Christ because the motherboard of the supernatural of God seems not to be embedded in the mind but in the heart (spirit) of man. Thus, truth-in-the-heart becomes fundamental research equipment coupled with faith to discover this unseen realm of God.



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