A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.  (James 1:8)


Why do atheistic sceptics and scientists argue against the soul and spirit world when they themselves do not attempt to research it; aren’t they meant to be discoverers of new knowledge; treasure hunters, seekers of the unknown that already exists to be discovered, who without realising it require faith to walk into untapped realms of science? Who is more at fault the truth that exists or the scientists, who refuses to thread into uncharted waters to discover it? Since when did a scientist’s profession change from being an analytical discoverer to analytical despiser? When the scientist becomes grumpy and agitated it’s because he can’t find the answer to the next solution; would you dare follow the ideologies of someone with anger and pride issues if they haven’t yet themselves discovered the issue of the soul and spirit? This would be like the fool following the fool; blind leading the blind; violent criminal leading the corrupted? So what is the definition of a fool? A fool is someone who thinks they know the answer; but the answer itself is already tainted with their pride and anger. As the truth itself unfolds, the weight of foolishness comes from the corruption that conceived it, and the deception it feeds on. Don’t be fooled corruption is corruption, whether it be hidden or exposed; the corruptions that dismantle humanity had already dismantled his heart before they dismantled his life. For example; why does the murderer kill? It’s because he already thought about it in his heart before he actioned it. The same truth is with liars, thieves and all forms of evildoers; this is the work of corruption that starts from the heart. That is why evil is vain; always seeking to fill its hunger but never satisfied; it is the belly of hell that cries out to the devil, the father of all lies and deception, who knows nothing but to steal, kill, deceive and destroy humanity. No wonder the world ever gets better when it is in the hands of the deceitful heart that lacks knowledge.




Understanding The Laws Of The Realms Copyright © 2013 by Norman Sabadi. All Rights Reserved.


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